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Property in Clarens is situated about 20km from Golden Gate, 40km from Bethlehem on the northernmost point of Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. Clarens is an easy three to four hour drive for city dwellers from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein or Durban. The town offers the ideal weekend getaway, with a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from, suitable to all tastes, with excellent restaurants to satisfy the culinary tastes of even the most ardent food lover.

The Clarens property area has recently been acclaimed as one of the best trout fishing spots in South Africa. It is also spectacular horse riding country. Clarens real estate in South Africa offers the visitor a very wide variety of activities, ensuring that everybody, from nature lovers who simply want to drink in the surrounding beauty to adventure seekers always looking for an adrenaline rush or a new thrill, can count on a truly remarkable stay.

Clarens is not known as the adventure capital for nothing, it has a flourishing tourist trade as well as an established artist community. Clarens is truly an artist’s haven! Many well-known artists live in and around the village, whilst others frequent Clarens on a regular basis.

Our quaint village is endowed with more trees than most other towns in the Free State province, which paints the village in the most wonderful colours during spring, when all the fruit trees blossom. In autumn, our stunning Lombard poplars attract photographers, nature lovers and artists from all over to revel in the colours and capture its beauty on film and canvass. Many arts and crafts shops adorn the village, offering visitors a wide selection of original artwork and curios.

Close to Clarens is the outlet from the Highlands Water Project, which brings fresh water from Lesotho to feed into the Liebenbergsvlei and Wilge Rivers and onwards to the Vaal Dam. Water from the Vaal Dam is then abstracted, treated and pumped to the various users in the Rand Water Supply area. It was also the home of Lord Byron, and the Clarens region in Switzerland was immortalized in Rousseau's Nouvelle Hèloïse. It all started when in 1910 the farm "Leliehoek" was sold, and in 1911 the farm "Naauwpoort", both to a company who wanted to establish a village in the mountains.

These two farms were then divided into separate stands and sold for the then majestic sum of fifty pounds each. To finalise the negotiations, a commission was appointed in 1912 and a decision was made to name the village Clarens in honour of President Kruger's influence in the area. These Free State properties come from proud heritage; and Fine & Country will help find the correct home to suit your needs.

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